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Indo Jax® Team Rider Coaching Staff

Blake Morris

Team Rider Surf Coach

Blake was raised in Wilmington, North Carolina and recently graduated from the University of North Carolina Wilmington with a degree in Environmental Studies. He has been an avid surfer for 10 plus years. He started surfing around age 13 and has not looked back since. “I have always been drawn to the ocean and was watching surf movies and playing “Kelly Slater’s Pro Surfer” video game before I ever stood on a surfboard, surfing ended up being even more fun than I expected!” says Blake. It is definitely a passion of his and something he tries’ to improve on whenever he is in the water. He frequently travels the coast in search of the best surf spot and highest quality waves.

Blake has been a part of the Indo Jax® program for over 5 years. Blake says, “It’s the camaraderie and healing aspect that surfing provides that makes me love my job and surfing.” He has been a surf instructor, manager and surf coach, while also participating in past “Surfers Healing” events. He is very excited to begin working with the surf team on a regular basis to improve their surfing fundamentally and competitively, all while enjoying the ocean at the same time.

Grace Muckenfuss

Team Rider Surf Coach

I was born in Charleston, SC, and all of my childhood memories involve being in the ocean or the water. I started surfing when I was 7 and competing at age 11 against all the guys in local SSC-ESA contests. I was able to find success on the local, regional, national, and international competition levels in ESA, NSSA, SurfingAmerica, WQS, and other professional contests. As I grew older, I grew to love and appreciate surfing more and more as it allowed me to form lifelong friendships with people throughout the world and travel to destinations I'd never have dreamed of. I've been lucky enough to live on the North Shore of O'ahu for a winter, and also travel to some insane destinations like Australia, Maui, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua, and up & down the east and west coasts. Drastic knee ligament injuries have left me out of the water for months at a time (several different times), which effectively put a halt on my competitive aspirations. I relocated to Wilmington, NC at the end of 2015 where I am now also a real estate broker and photographer (if you can find me out of the ocean). 

Neal Zumbro

Team Rider Fitness Coach

Neal Zumbro is a former U.S. Marine that learned to surf right here in Wrightsville Beach after returning from duty overseas. Neal has spent the last decade traveling and learning the martial arts from some of the best instructors in the world. He earned a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in 2012. Neal's goals are to share his fitness & martial arts knowledge with anyone that is interested, as he believes the martial arts and surfing can be for everyone. Neal began working with Indo Jax® in the Spring of 2014 and immediately put his experience as a personal trainer to use by leading the morning warms-ups and helping young surfers gain the necessary mobility and confidence to help them succeed in the water and in life.

Trent Hayden

Team Rider Nutrition Coach

Trent grew up in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, where his time was spent primarily focused on sailing and music. Trent’s athletic career didn’t begin until he was attending graduate school at the University of Massachusetts Amherst (age 22) where he entered his first triathlon race. Over the next 15 years Trent went on to complete 6 Ironmans and countless other swim, bike, and running endurance races.

Currently, Trent is a lecturer at UNCW teaching various physical education classes.  Trent is also a certified triathlon, swim, cycling, running, and nutrition coach.  Trent is also the head coach for the UNCW and Appalachian State triathlon teams.  With his students and clients, Trent specializes in providing the nutritional requirements they need to successfully compete in the strenuous race conditions of an endurance event.

Trent is excited to work with the Indo Jax® Surf School providing nutrition advice to team riders and instructors.  Surfing is a unique sport, where athletes are exposed to sometimes harsh environmental conditions.  With proper nutrition, Trent’s goal will be to keep the surf instructors at their best and better able to provide outstanding service to the students throughout the course of the day.

Indo Jax® Team Riders

Alyssa Parker

Alyssa was born and raised in Wilmington NC. She is 12 years old and lives with her parents and two older brothers. Alyssa has been surfing since she was 5 years old when she took her first surf lesson with Indo Jax® . She has been an Indo Jax® Teamrider since 2014 and competing with Eastern Surf Association since 2015.

Alyssa is in 7th grade at Roland Grise Middle school and on the A/B honor roll. She plays soccer on her school team and they just finished an undefeated season. She also plays on the Hammerheads Academy elite travel team. She also enjoys skateboarding, playing with her dog, Toby, creating cool art projects and hanging out with friends.

Bailey Fort

Bailey is 16 years old, born and raised in Wrightsville Beach, NC. She attends Coastal Christian High School and is in their surf club as well. She lives with her parents and sister in Wrightsville Beach. Bailey began surfing when she was 6 years old and has been with Indo Jax® Surf School ever since. She volunteers at all the Indo Jax® Charity camps and is also a surf instructor for Indo Jax® Surf School where she was named Rookie of the Year in 2016. She has been with Team Indo Jax® since its conception. She began competing with the ESA in 2014 and she competes in body board, long and short board. The ocean is a big part of her life and working for and with Indo Jax® gives her great joy and pride to be a part of the team.

Bill Love

At seven years old I waxed my first surfboard. That’s all it took, I was hooked for life!

To this day, every time I see a green bar of Mr. Zoggs wax, it reminds me of that first time out and the first time I got up.

The ocean has inspired my life, my artwork, my friendships and everything about me..

Cameron Williams

I am 17 years old. I began surfing at age 12 and was hooked instantly. I prefer to longboard but I shortboard if it gets big. I started surfing in ESA competitions last season. When I'm not surfing I'm working full time as a custom woodworker, finishing up high school courses, and skateboarding. I also enjoy traveling and mission trips.

Christian Castiglione

My name is Christian Castiglione. I am 8 years old and attend Wrightsville Beach Elementary. I have been surfing for 2 years and started surfing with Indo Jax® through its surf camps. I think my best quality as a surfer is that I am always having fun in the water and spreading my happiness with others in the water. I really enjoy surfing with my friends and family the most because we are always laughing and having fun. I also play hockey at the Wilmington Icehouse. Water is fun when it is frozen also. I am very excited to be on the Indo Jax® surf team and looking forward to volunteering to help Indo Jax® charities cause it's the best.

Colin Shovlin

I was born in New Jersey I moved to Wilmington when I was 6. The first time I surfed I was 7 years old and I've been hooked ever since. I now surf on competitive levels and love every second of it. Started riding for Indo Jax® just this I also ride for Carolina Beach Surf Shop and Wake N Bake Donuts. My favorite spots to surf are Masonboro Island or north end of Wrightsville Beach.

Connor Savage

Hello, my name is Connor Savage. I was born in Savanna Georgia in 2004. I moved to North Carolina when I was entering the fourth grade. The first school that I attended here was Wrightsville Beach Elementary. I started surfing the summer that I moved here and have loved it ever since. I am currently attending Noble Middle School. Some other sports that I play include basketball, lacrosse and skateboarding. I have a brother that is 16 months older than me. His name is Jacob. I also have two dogs named Bella and Molly. I am a “Straight A” student and my favorite subject in school is social studies. Aside from Indo Jax, I surf for Aussie Island Surf Shop. I enjoy hanging out with friends, playing basketball with my brother and spending time with my family. I have been competing in surfing since the beginning of fifth grade. I very much look forward to a great year with Indo Jax®.

Craig Newkirk

Age 49 - 7th Generation Wrightsville Beach Native - Surfing for 40+ years - ESA Member for years and ESA-SNC Administrator - Multiple SNC District Titles in Longboard and Shortbaord - Multiple Mid Atlantic Regional Titles in Longboard and Shortbaord - 3 Time Easterns Finalist in Longboard and 1 time Easterns Finalist in Shortbaord. Also 2005 National Sparring Champion in Soo Bahk Do Karate. 30 years of Film experience (Actor, Producer and Film Maker) including recurring role in Netflix show "House of Cards". Other Sponsor is South End Surf Shop.

Dylan Wishart

Dylan Wishart was born and raised in Wilmington, NC. He was taught to surf at 3 years old. His favorite spots to surf are Hamlet and Sunskipper. Dylan truly wants to spread the love of the ocean and stoke of surfing. He is a product ambassador for Sun Bum Sunscreen, team rider for Aussie Island Surf Shop, Kulcha Shok Muzik,and Carolina Surf Brand. Besides surfing, Dylan enjoys to skateboard, and play guitar. Dylan has participated in Boy Scouts of America and recently achieved the Eagle Scout Rank, a huge accomplishment for him.

Finn Viorel

8 years old and youngest member of Team Indo Jax® . Finn has been surfing for several years and has even competed on a few occasions. He loves Jiu Jitsu, soccer, gymnastics and playing the ukulele too! He's stoked on everything!

Gabby Viorel

Sponsors - Savage Surf boards, South End Surf Shop

Gabby is 13 and an 8th grader at Holly Shelter. Aside from being a straight A student, she is an incredible artist and part of the Holly Shelter Orchestra. Gabby has traveled and surfed all over the world including Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Mexico, California and Arctic Norway! Over the past couple years Gabby has had some incredible contest finishes including wins at the Folly Beach Wahine and WBLA Longboard Contest, as well as a couple SNC District Titles. She also made the finals in her first Mid-Atlantic Regionals Contest last year.

Gianni Pike

Gianni is 12 and attends 7th grade at Topsail Middle School. He is an avid skater and surfer. He LOVES the panthers football. Also plays in a Hampstead basketball league. Probably the coolest thing about Gianni is he surfs and skates for the pure fun of it. He is soft spoken but has a huge heart . He really enjoys working with Indo Jax® Surf Charies, Surfer's Healing and Askate as an ambassador or junior counselor for their autism camps. He takes pride in helping the kids that are “different not less” because he him self was diagnosed at 2 years old with Autism The art of riding waves or skateboard is a sensory release and has helped him tremendously therefore he is stoked to share with others!

Jack Viorel

Jack Viorel has been surfing for many years. He started surfing in Half Moon Bay California. He loves the warm water and mellow surf vibe here in Wilmington NC. Last year Jack competed in the ESA with his daughter Gabby. He got third in longboard and won the senior men shortboard title. Jack has traveled and surfed all over the world, but enjoys more than anything surfing with his kids!

Jacob Savage

My name is Jacob Savage. I live with my mom, dad, brother, and 2 dogs near Wrightsville Beach. I moved here in the 5th grade about 4 years ago from Knoxville, Tennessee. I started surfing right away and quickly decided that I wanted to compete. Since then, I have been working hard to improve my surfing. My second year surfing I became a member of the Aussie Island team & they helped me to gain sponsorship from Vernor surfboards which is in California. In addition to surfing I play guitar and I also play travel baseball for MCS Noble and Rock Solid Showcase and Regional Select teams. I am currently in 8th grade at Noble and I am going to be at Hoggard next year. I’m looking forward to working with Indo Jax® because I want to give back to less fortunate people through surfing which is something that everyone should be able to experience.

Jesse Heter

D.O.B.: 5/16/2000

I started surfing when I was 11 years old and the minute I caught my first wave I was hooked. I have been on many trips over the U.S and Central America including California, Hawaii, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, and El Salvador. I also surf competitively in organizations like ESA and ASF. You will usually see me surfing at the southend of Wrightsville ceach or at C Street. Surfing is my favorite thing to do and sharing the love of catching a wave is right there along with it.

Johnny Langone


Kai Nau

Kai is 11 years old and lives in Carolina Beach. Most days you can find him surfing at Hamlet Ave. Kai enjoys short boarding, long boarding, body boarding, and anything else that will get him into the ocean on a wave! He is in his third season of competition with ESA. In 2015 he placed 3rd in Menhune Shortboard and 1st in Open BodyBoard. He also placed 6th in Menehune longboard and 4th in BodyBoard in the Mid Atlantic Regionals. He enjoys surfing in all of the local surf competitions. When the weather gets cold, Kai's favorite surf trip is to Playa Guiones in Costa Rica. When he is not surfing he is skateboarding, fishing, or competing on swim team. He also hopes to join his school's cross country team in the fall. He enjoys the positive environment that Indo Jax® offers and cannot wait to help out with charity work and team events. Kai is also sponsored by Aussie Island Surf Shop.

Kat Neff

Rides: Roberts Short Boards and Guy Takayama Longboards

Sponsors: Indo Jax® , Jtags Jewelry, Roberts Surfboards, Guy Takayama, Aussie Island Surf Shop, Wrightsville Beach Loop, Wake n Bake Donuts.

Achievements: 2x Jr Women's Longboard East Coast Champ, several east coast regional titles, Ranked 8th at the MSA Classic in Malibu, CA, placed in NSSA East Coast Champs and ESA Easterns. Academically, graduating a year early and takes college classes while in high school.

Kyle Hairr

Kyle is 13 years old and lives in Wilmington, NC. Kyle is in 7th grade and honor roll student at Murray Middle school. Kyle started surfing at age 5 and has loved it ever since. Kyle began surfing competitively at age 11 where he made it to many finals most competitions he entered. Most days you can find Kyle surfing at the Carolina Beach Pier or Sun Skipper. Although Kyle loves surfing, he displays a big heart to helping others and that is why he is excited to be a part of the Indo Jax® Team. Kyle is looking forward to helping Indo Jax® with charity work and team events. Kyle is also sponsored by Aussie Island Surf Shop, Savage Surfboards and Hang Ten Grill.

Lexie Poindexter

My name is Lexie Poindexter. I am 14 and a 8th grade student at Holly Shelter Middle School. I have been surfing for 4 years. I learned how to surf at an Indo Jax® summer camp. I have been surfing competitively for the last three years. Indo Jax® has given me the opportunity to work with autistic and blind children. It has made a big difference in my life and I look forward to volunteering at the charity events this summer. I have tried many other sports over the years but I have enjoyed surfing the most. I also like to play volleyball. Surfing has also introduced me to skateboarding and I really enjoy it. I am looking forward to this upcoming season as a Team Rider!

Makala Spear

I began surfing around the age of 3 and have loved it ever since. I’m from Wilmington, NC and have lived here all my life. I’ve been on countless surf trips to Puerto Rico, Panama, and The Outer Banks, NC. Although, my hands down favorite would have to be Hawaii! For the last 5 years I have been surfing longboard and shortboard in competitions put on by some amazing surfing organizations, including The WBLA and the ESA-SNC. I am also a team rider for Recon Surf Shop and have been riding for them since December of 2016. I am so stoked to be apart of Team Indo Jax®, very excited for what's to come!

Mary Lamporte

My name is Mary Lamporte. I am 12 years old and grew up here in Wilmington, NC. I have loved to surf from the very first moment I put my toe in the water. So far I have surfed big waves in Puerto Rico and along the California coast. I am a member of the ESA and have been involved in surf competitions for about 2 and a half years now. I like to compete but I mostly like to surf for fun with my friends. When I am not surfing you can find me playing basketball, volleyball, soccer or skateboarding. I'm a goofy footed grommet girl and am so excited about beginning another year of surfing with Indo Jax!

Nick Parker

My name is Nicholas Parker, I am 18 and have lived in Wilmington my entire life. As a kid I grew up in the sand at the north end of Carolina Beach when I watched the scary rolling waves beneath the pier. Even though I have always lived in-between Wrightsville and Carolina beach most of my first surfing memories were right on the north end. I am aspiring to be a teacher and a better student of balance. Balance is a part of our everyday life, weather we are balancing school work with fun, or we are balancing on the surface of the ocean a top our surfboards. I have always found peace and freedom in the water, as well as on my radical skateboard, magical bike, and also my unicycle. I will always make time to teach the gift of balance. I am honored to be a part of the Indo Jax® Team and hope to inspire greatness!

Nicole Nason

Nicole rides anything from 5’ mini simmons, 6’ performance, all the way to a 9’8” log. You’ll find her frequenting C-St, South End, Mercers, and a few not so secret local spots. While in the Williams-Mystic Maritime Studies Program, she surfed Bastendorf Beach, Oregon and the frigid waters of Rhode Island, and crewed on a traditionally rigged tallship. This led to the bestowing of the Williams-Mystic Kuini Nalu a’le Award for always having wax and a wetsuit on-hand.

Nicole Nason founded UNCW’s Competitive Surfing Association, Stoked on Surfing, alongside fellow ocean enthusiasts to provide a fun environment for all skill levels to improve their surfing abilities. The highlight of the organization is the Hope Spot Hatteras Project collaboration with the Plastic Ocean Project, where we conducted an OBX road trip to raise awareness and eventually obtained Hope Spot designation for one of the most ecologically diverse areas on the East Coast located 40 miles offshore of Kitty Hawk, NC.

When out of the water, Nicole enjoys competitive sailing, skateboarding, beach sweeps, and spreading stoke. This UNCW alumn works with Lenovo as part of their sales rotational program for recent graduates. She also reps a few brands to local surf and skate shops.  Nicole aspires to leave a positive, lasting impact throughout the surf community.

Peter Lamporte

I am blessed to have been bitten by the surfing bug. My gills have tasted the waters of Chile to Australia; New Zealand to Portugal. But nothing compares to surfing a stellar hurricane swell with my family and friends in Wilmington. I am ​super ​ stoked to join the grommets and the legends of the Indo Jax® surf team.

Ryan Shovlin

I am 11 years old and I began surfing at age 5. I ride a 9'0 Longboard. My favorite surf spots are Masonboro Island , Access ten and Wilderness PR. I like to ride my pro scooter & skateboard when I am not in the water. I started competing last year with the ESA and I have made great friends through surfing. I am stoked to be on the Indo Jax® team!

Samantha Newkirk

Age 17 - 8th Generation Native of Wrightsville Beach - Surfing for 16 years - ESA Member for years - Multiple ESA-SNC District Titles in Longboard and Shortboard - 2014 Mid Atlantic Regional Champion in Junior Women's Shortboard - Finished Top 10 in Shortboard at ESA Easterns in 2015. Samantha is a Black Belt in Tang Soo Do and has won countless Karate Tournaments in Sparring and Forms. She is also a working Actress and Film Maker. She was cast in her first commercial at age 5 and has had multiple films in Cucalorus Film Festival. Samantha is a member of the National Honors Society and a Senior at Hoggard High School. Her other Sponsors are South End Surf Shop and State of Shaka.

Shaun Seufert

I started surfing and doing contests during middle school in South Florida. I have surfed in Indonesia, Hawaii, Central America, Mexico, Bahamas, Moorea and the Caribbean Islands. I am passionate about surfing and I believe that with passion comes purpose. I have realized that one way to serve is to volunteer to teach others something that I am good at. It is an honor to be part of Team Indo Jax® and I am looking forward to improving my surfing and helping others learn to surf.

Swain Curtin

Hey! My name is Swain Curtin. I am currently 19 years old and I attend UNCW. I’ve been surfing for around 9 years now and this will be my third year instructing. Looking forward to an amazing season and meeting some future shredders!

Will Fatzinger

My name is Will Fatzinger, I am 13 years old and an 8th grader at Noble Middle School. I have been surfing for 3 years and this will be my second season surfing competitively. I am sponsored by Savage Surfboards and this will be my first season with Indo Jax®. I’m stoked to be part of the team and help make a difference through charity work in my community. I’m proud to have earned my black belt in martial arts and when I’m not surfing, I like to skateboard, play soccer and jam on my guitar.