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So stoked to announce that I will be a TEDx speaker on February 21st in Knoxville TN.  This is a real honor and I am stoked to have this opportunity.  I have my speech written and I feel really good about it.

It is a story of my teaching career that lead me to start Indo Jax Surf School and the charity surf program we have built for medically fragile, special needs and at risk youth.  It is a really incredible story of a dream, persistence, and many many failures before ever getting anywhere.  It’s a story of struggles… struggles that children go through, struggles a charity goes through, and my own personal struggles.  The almost unbelievable story of getting voted out of my own surf school, by the guys I brought in.  The story of how I nearly threw in the towel because of the outright crime those guys committed against my family and me.  The story of how I decided to fight back for the things that were rightfully mine, and how in the end, fighting back was the best thing I ever did in my life.  The story of how comeback from what those guys did to my family and me is a a better story than I could have ever scripted. Only God can write stories this unbelievable.  The story of how Indo Jax persevered and is stronger than ever, serving more kids than we ever imagined.  It is a story of breaking down cultural barriers in India.  It is a story of breaking down societal beliefs about blind children, children with autism, wounded warriors etc.  It’s a story of shattering the status quo!

It is also a story of courageous children.  It is a story of orphan girls in India surfing, building self esteem and overcoming incredible odds.  It is a story of blind kids surfing and shedding limiting beliefs along the way.  It is a story of families getting a touch of normalcy.  It is a success story of unbelievable proportions.

It is a story of surfers changing the world, who would have thought?  It is a story of being in touch with nature and God’s creation.  It is a story of the healing powers of the ocean.  It is a story about faith in God, doing Gods work, and laying everything on the line to help others.  It is a story about how we are all in this together, and that what happens to one,  happens to us all.

Now while the speech is written, my delivery needs a lot of work.  I’ve been practicing everyday but I still have a long way to go to get this thing to where I want it.  Apparently I’m one of the main speakers, I’m not sure if they get this but I am not comfortable giving speeches, especially in front of adults.  I’m fine in front of 1st graders, I’ve done that for years, but adults no thanks!  Nonetheless, I’m pumped and new experiences make you, improve you, are the essence of living life to the fullest!  So I’m going to keep practicing, keep improving, keep getting better and going after it!

So TEDxUTK Feb 21st it is, let’s crush this thing!!!

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