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Thanksgiving 2013

Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013

I love Thanksgiving!  It is such a great time to reflect and focus on all the things we have.  It’s also a time to consciously not let all the negative stuff take up too much time in our heads.   It’s family time and nothing is better than that.  It always makes me realize that close friends and family are all that really matter.

Personally I am thankful for so many things.  Our kids are healthy and happy and doing  well in school, sports and music.  My wife and I are doing well and enjoying lots of family time these days. We feel totally blessed for all that we have.

At Indo Jax we are also thankful for so many things.  We love living in Wilmington NC where the Cape Fear Region beaches are so beautiful. We get to enjoy fantastic surf conditions the year round.   Summer here is awesome but so is the winter!  The crowds have gone, and  life returns to a nice slow but steady pace.

We are also thankful for the continuing success of our surf school.  Sure we’ve had some bumps in the road, but overall we have become the premier surf school in the area, and the locals choice.  We are also proud of the fact that we have earned a solid reputation in the area for helping people and other businesses.  Through our charity surf camps and sponsorship programs we help many.  We love being a positive business force in the area.  The other day a gentleman told me he was constantly hearing what a great organization we were, and that our reputation in the area is incredible.  It is always nice to hear that we are a valued business member of the Wilmington Community.

We are thankful too for all the people who have helped us along the way.  No doubt, that without customers, donors, and supporters we would not have made it this far.  So thank you!

We at Indo Jax Surf School and Charities would like to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays.  We hope you reflect on all the great things you have!

We hope to see you Friday night at the Hope From Helen fundraiser at the Blockade Runner.


Surfing Wrightsville Beach

Sunday, November 3rd, 2013

Surfing Wrightsville Beach is one of my favorite things to do!  This week was a great example of why.  On Tuesday it was really small so I took the longboard out and caught a few waves surfing with a great friend of mine, Allen.  We surfed and laughed and enjoyed the beautiful 80 degree day.  Afterward I had a surf lesson with Alexandre, a child with autism who surfs with me for therapy year round. We had some great rides together.  All in all it was a fantastic day of waves, friends and sunshine.

I took Wednesday to volunteer in my son’s kindergarten class, but was back on Thursday for one of the most enjoyable days of surf I can remember.  The ocean surface was perfect glass.  Nice A-Frame peaks were coming in up and down the beach and peeling in both directions for hundreds of yards in either direction.  I couldn’t understand why no one was out but I enjoyed nearly 3 hours of surf all alone on this beautiful 80 degree day in flawless conditions.  Small but perfect.

Friday I went back to Wrightsville Beach Access #10, the wind was up so the surface was a little choppy, but the waves had bumped up a few feet in size and were looking ripple.  It was a good workout paddling in and out with the choppy sea surface but the wave faces were fantastic and long, walled up, racy rides were served up over and over.  Again to my surprise, there wasn’t anyone around.  Overnight the wind turned offshore and by Saturday morning we had almost perfect surf for Saturday.  The crowds were bigger but there were still plenty of glassy lined up waves to go around.  I surfed until my arms nearly fell off before heading home.

Today, Sunday, I got the chance to surf with my daughter Gabriella.  Together we had an absolute blast.  We had a cold wind, choppier conditions, and really small waves, but the day was beautiful.  Although the conditions were much worse than earlier in the week, to be out surfing with Gabby, the day couldn’t have been better.  Gabby, star of the documentary Bound By Sea, surfed great.  For her age she is an awesome surfer and seems so confident in all types of ocean conditions.  She has become a fantastic surf instructor and has helped in nearly all of our surf camps in Wrightsville Beach, Topsail Island and Oak Island.  She has helped with all of our charity surf camps in the Cape Fear Region and has become so compassionate toward children who have special needs.  She has become a special part of our surf school here in NC.  She has also become a competitive surfer competing in the Wrightsville Beach Wahine Classic for several years. Bound By Sea explores our charity work and Gabby’s involvement in our surf programs.  It explores our travels and the special relationship we share.  bound By Sea makes its World Premier on Saturday November 16th at Thalian Main Stage for the Cucalorus Film Festival 10 am to noon.  I can’t wait to see what people think of Nate Daniels movie.



Surfers Healing and Mauli Ola

Wednesday, October 16th, 2013

One of the coolest things about Indo Jax Surf School and Indo Jax Surf Charities is being able to work with other surfing organizations and non profits.  Two of my favorites are Surfers Healing and The Mauli Ola Foundation.

For the last 6 years Indo Jax Surf School has acted as the official “In Water Support Team” for Surfers Healing.  That is, we help them take children with autism surfing on that glorious day.  The Surfers Healing Event held in Wrightsville Beach is one of the biggest, serving close to 300 children.  Without Indo Jax Surf School and our  highly trained and experience staff of surf instructors, The Surfers Healing Crew would not get through that many children.  We are honored to be the surf school chosen for this.

For the last 3 years, The Mauli Ola Foundation has chosen Indo Jax as their “go to” surf school for their Wrightsville Beach event.  Last summer we got the chance to surf with some famous surfers, including Sunny Garcia, on the day they held their Surf Experience Day for children with Cystic Fibrosis.

Indo Jax is proud to be able to help these wonderful organizations that share our mission of helping children in need.  We look forward to many more summers with Surfers Healing and  Mauli Ola.


University of Tennessee Swim Team Surf Camp/BBQ

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

The University of Tennessee Surf Camp and BBQ was a fantastic time this year.  We had some pumping surf and 60 world class swimmers on hand for a 4 day surf camp at Wrightsville Beach.  The swimmers and Indo Jax Surf School instructors had a great time and caught some great waves.  The BBQ at the end of the camp was fun as well.  We got to mingle with the swimmers and coaches, share some laughs and watch one of Indo Jax Surf Charities latest videos “My Name Uncle.”  This was our 3rd year working with Matt Kredich and his Volunteer Swim Team.  The Vols have become family and we really enjoy having them at our Surf School and our house to share great times.  We wish them well as they embark on their 2013/14  Swim Season.

My Name Uncle was well received by the Volunteer swimmers.  This documentary by Matt Batchelor highlights our 4 year ongoing program in India for orphans.  It will be playing at Cucalorus this year, so if you haven’t seen it come on out.  In addition to My Name Uncle, Bound By Sea will be making it’s world premier at Cucalorus this year.  This film highlights our charity surf programs around the world as well as right here in the Wilmington/ Cape Fear region. 1209205_10201304694714062_180509993_n We hope to see you there.


University of Tennessee Swim Team Annual Surf Camp at Indo Jax

Thursday, September 19th, 2013

So stoked that we are gearing up for the 3rd Annual University of Tennessee Swim Team Surf Camp at Indo Jax Surf School.  Next week 60 world class athletes will be converging on Wilmington NC to train, compete and surf ,YES SURF!  Indo Jax Surf School is honored to be hosting these swimmers at Wrightsville Beach for 4 days of surfing in between training sessions and competition.  Both the men’s and women’s swim team will be here along with coach and good friend Matt Kredich and his incredible staff of coaches and trainers.  All of our surf instructors are pumped for this event.IMG_0869

This surf camp is one of my favorite events of the year.  Working with athletes of this calibur is an incredible experience, and it’s amazing to see how quickly they’re up and riding.  Being so comfortable in the ocean, makes learning to surf easy.  It seems most in this group quickly progress from total beginner to intermediate in a few tries.  It isn’t long before they are catching their own waves, paddling into bigger and steeper waves, and generally doing thing you don’t see from beginners.

The swimmers will be competing agains the University of North Carolina Wilmington swim Team while here.  The event will culminate with a BBQ at our house.  Last year’s event was a great time and we look forward to hosting them for another surf event!

2013 Off Season is Here!

Monday, September 9th, 2013

Today really felt like the off season had arrived.  I dropped the kids off at school and headed to the beach to surf.  There was hardly anyone at the beach, the waves were glassy and nice, and the weather was perfect.  I wasn’t rushed, just got a chance to enjoy the day.  With no lessons for the first day in 4 months, I got a chance to surf myself.  And surf I did!  I surfed my short board for awhile, but switched to the long board as the tide rose.  Then once the tide had gotten a hold of it, I pulled out the hand plane and body surfed.  It was a fantastic morning!  For the next 8 months or so, this will be the story of Indo Jax Surf School.  We are still running weekend surf camps/clinics, private  surf lessons and our surf team, but the relaxing days of the off season are here!

Today gave me the chance to reflect on 2013.  What a year it was here at Indo Jax Surf School and Charities.  We kicked off the Charity Surf Camp Season with our annual Surf Safari to India.  This year we served nearly 100 orphan girls and introduced them to the wonderful sport of surfing.  Once home we dove into our Wrightsville Beach Charity Surf Program.  This year we posted the biggest numbers at our surf camps for medically fragile, special needs and at risk youth in our 7 year history.  It was a truly amazing summer of charity.  It never gets old watching these children catch their first waves and beam with joy and  and a boosted self esteem.  Our top notch surf instructors are phenomenal working with kids with special needs and they never cease to amaze at the way they work with children and change their lives for the better.  Time and time again they gave each child that came through our charity surf program the “best days of their lives!”

Our Surf School Programs grew to new heights as well.  Our surf camp in Wrightsville Beach was packed week in and week out, but our incredible staff of instructors kept the surf camps and surf lessons going strong through August. Our program in Oak Island really boomed after a so so season last year.  The new format we implemented worked really well and the numbers reflected a program that’s booming in Oak Island.  The efficiency and dedication of our fantastic surf instructors kept that program going full tilt through August.  Our Topsail Island Surf Camps and Surf Lessons (our newest location) also grew this year.  Our staff of highly skilled and trained instructors took on the biggest summer in our history with tons of energy and positive spirit.  From early June through August, our team was tireless and worked non-stop to make our surf program the best in the Cape Fear/Wilmington Region.  Our 2013 instructor team was by far the best Indo Jax has ever seen.  I’m stoked to know that year in and year out we attract the best surf instructors you can find anywhere.  I’m proud to be a part of this awesome crew.

Our Surf Instructor of the Year was Shane Wall.  Shane is a 3rd year employee who developed our surf team, worked every charity camp this summer, and along with Matt V held down the Oak Island Surf Camp program.  90% of our staff was returners while a small 10% was new.  Our new crew members rocked as well, catching on quickly and putting their heart and soul into all aspects of our surf program.

We hope you all have a great off season too and hope to see you next year for more surfing fun!


Although we at Indo Jax are tired from an incredible summer packed full with surf camps, surf lessons, and charity surf camps, we can’t help but to look forward to 2014.  It’s hard to imagine but I bet it will be even better!


Summer 2013 is Underway!

Friday, June 7th, 2013

The summer of 2013 is off to a fantastic start!  Our programs are going strong and continue to grow like crazy.  After returning home from India and serving nearly 100 orphan girls (almost double last year’s numbers), we had another amazing Boys and Girls Club Surf Camp at Wrightsville Beach with over 25 children from both the Brigade and Community Boys and Girls Clubs.  The kids had a blast surfing some fantastic conditions.  We enjoyed a pizza party on the last day and all the children took home a goody bag of swag!

This past week we started our summer program with a solid camp of 14 surfers.  It was a great week of surfing!  Next week is one of our biggest weeks traditionally and Indo Jax Surf School will be hosting around 30 campers at Wrightsville Beach and a few smaller camps at Oak Island, Topsail Island, and Onslow Beach.  We look forward to surfing with you all this summer!  DSC_0282_edit

Summer is Almost Here!

Monday, April 15th, 2013

At Indo Jax we are stoked on summer!  Summer is right around the corner and we are ready to start our  “one of a kind”  summer surf program.  It’s simple, there’s nowhere else to get surf lessons or join a surf camp than Indo Jax Surf School. If you’re vacationing in the Cape Fear Region, Wilmington NC come see us for all your surf lesson and surf camp needs.  We have surf camp programs in 4 locations, Wrightsville Beach, Topsail Island,  Oak Island and Onslow Beach.  And we do surf lessons just about anywhere including Carolina Beach, Figure Eight Island and Masonboro Island.

Our surf camps and lessons are second to none.  We have the finest instructors you’ll find anywhere.  Our instructors are great with kids and safe in the water.  They are First Aid and CPR certified and great surfers themselves. We staff our camps at a 2-1 student to instructor ratio.  Our equipment is the safest and highest performing you can find for surf lessons and surf camps.  Our methodology is tried and true and  our prices are the best for what you get.   You get way more for your money at Indo Jax!

Although our popular surf program has been around for 6 years, we have some great new programs.   Like our Minnows Camp, a “learn to surf ” program for little ones and those new to the ocean.  In this program each child has their own instructor so they are always safe and having fun.DSC_0891

All of our surf camps are open so feel free to register via our web-site’s registration page or call us at (910)274-3565 if you have any further questions.  We hope to see you this summer!


Don Bennett aka “The Big Teddy Bear”

Wednesday, February 13th, 2013

Last night was one of our Ruby Tuesday fundraisers for Indo Jax Surf Charities.  It was another very successful fundraising event for our charity and a flat out great time!  In the evening when many of our volunteers were there we had a sit down dinner together.  We enjoyed laughs and stories of last summers fantastic charity camp season.  We also talked about how stoked we all are about the upcoming season.  At the end of a fantastic evening of great food and company,  we announced the 2012 Indo Jax Surf Charities Instructor of the Year.  This year’s award went to Don Bennett aka “The Big Teddy Bear.”  Don was a tireless volunteer for our charity surf program at Wrightsville Beach.  He’s a staunch supporter of Indo Jax Surf School and Indo Jax Surf Charities.  He’s a great surfer and phenomenal instructor.  No doubt he was a valuable member of our team and we are so stoked to have him.  We look forward to many more seasons with “The Big Teddy Bear!”

The Big Teddy Bear

The Big Teddy Bear

Wrightsville Beach Wahine Classic

Monday, February 4th, 2013

I am stoked to announce that the Wahine Contest is back!  Every year since we moved to Wilmington, my daughter Gabby surfed in the East Coast Wahine Surf Event at Wrightsville Beach.  She absolutely loved participating with all the other little girls from near and far.  Indo Jax Surf School as well, was always very supportive of this event that was such an important part of female surfing in this area.  We sponsored the event every year, and I even directed it one year.  Last year the event didn’t happen, never heard why, it just vanished.  Gabby, and I’m sure other girls like her, was crushed.

Soon after, Jo Pickett of Crystal South Surf Camp contacted me to see if I wanted to help her revive the all women’s event.  I was 100% in.  Since that time we have worked hard to do our part to bring it back.  As partners in Wrightsville Beach Wahine Classic Inc Jo and I are doing just that.  We now have our incorporation, a new name and logo, an event site on Facebook, and a press release.  the press release comes out this week.  the event is scheduled for August  17 and 18.  It’s going to be a fantastic addition to the Wilmington/Cape Fear Region

Wrightsville Beach Wahine Classic

Wrightsville Beach Wahine Classic

. There will be some great divisions ranging from novice to pro categories, and the crowd favorite Guppy division to an all new SUP division.  There will be cash prizes for professional participants and prizes for all other divisions.  Our goal is to bring back a great Wrightsville Beach tradition.  We want to provide a positive venue for females to excel and enjoy the sport of surfing.  Stay tuned or go to for contest information.