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Summer Surf Camps are Open!

Monday, May 12th, 2014

Indo Jax Surf School is open for business!  We are currently taking registrations for all of our surf camps, surf clinics, and private surf lessons.  We still have availability at all of our locations Wrightsville Beach, Topsail Island, Carolina Beach and Oak Island.  Although some weeks are filling, all still currently have available slots.  Indo Jax Surf School has the highest quality surf camps and surf lessons money can buy.  Our instructors are highly trained, professional and certified, we use the highest performing soft boards on the market which means your child will be safe, and we have a 2-1 student to instructor ratio.  Simply put there is no other choice for your “learn to surf” needs than Indo Jax Surf School. So if you’re in Wilmington NC or anywhere in the Cape Fear Region give us a shout!  Feel free to call us at (910)274-3565 or email us at to register.


Cozumel Surfing and the Flowrider

Monday, February 3rd, 2014

We all just returned from a great family vacation and have reopened the Indo Jax offices.  It was great to get away for a week and we had a blast!  For the first time asa family we went to Disney World.  The crowds were very low and we enjoyed both the Magic Kingdom and the Animal Kingdom Parks.  From there we headed to the coast and went on a 7 day Caribbean Cruise with our good friends the Forts.  It was incredible!  The ship, “The Freedom of the Seas” was fantastic and it had so many cool things including the flow rider.  The food and service were absolutely awesome.  We had some fantastic shore excursions as well and Gabby and I even found some surfboards and a local guide, “Nacho” to take us out for a few great waves.  All in all, it was a wonderful vacation!

I am stoked however, to be back in the office and gearing up for our 2014 surf camps, surf lessons, and charity surf camps and clinics.  This year is already looking like an all time year!  With quite a few sign ups already for private surf lessons, morning and half day surf camps we are looking to expand.  Although our Wrightsville Beach surf programs are always at capacity, we are gearing to expand, our Topsail Island Surf Program and Oak Island Surf Program.  As well our charity program is definitely getting more interest than ever.  With just about every instructor returning, Indo Jax Surf School and Charities is looking stronger than ever in terms of our staff. I am so proud and honored to be able to work with our crew of incredible instructors, that keep our surf camps, surf lessons and charity surf events fun and safe!  Our sponsorships are improving as well.  This year we already have sponsors for our Belarus Surf Camp (Synergy Medical), our Visually Impaired and Hearing Impaired Surf Camps (Alerttile and Helen Keller Foundation), and our Boys and Girls Home of Waccammaw (Trott Nixon and Family).  Right now everything is open so feel free to register via our website’s registration page or call/email me with any questions.

In other exciting news, Bound By Sea is up for Best Local Independent Film in Encore Magazine’s The Best of Wilmington.  Also, I just found out that I am a finalist for the Razor Walker Award through UNCW’ education department.  I am so honored and stoked!  We have a couple fundraisers coming up…Feb 8th at Michael’s Seafood Restaurant in Carolina Beach and March 9th our annual Pennies 4 Pins Bowling Fundraiser.

We hope to see you all in the water!

Jackindo jax flyer

Summer is Almost Here!

Monday, April 15th, 2013

At Indo Jax we are stoked on summer!  Summer is right around the corner and we are ready to start our  “one of a kind”  summer surf program.  It’s simple, there’s nowhere else to get surf lessons or join a surf camp than Indo Jax Surf School. If you’re vacationing in the Cape Fear Region, Wilmington NC come see us for all your surf lesson and surf camp needs.  We have surf camp programs in 4 locations, Wrightsville Beach, Topsail Island,  Oak Island and Onslow Beach.  And we do surf lessons just about anywhere including Carolina Beach, Figure Eight Island and Masonboro Island.

Our surf camps and lessons are second to none.  We have the finest instructors you’ll find anywhere.  Our instructors are great with kids and safe in the water.  They are First Aid and CPR certified and great surfers themselves. We staff our camps at a 2-1 student to instructor ratio.  Our equipment is the safest and highest performing you can find for surf lessons and surf camps.  Our methodology is tried and true and  our prices are the best for what you get.   You get way more for your money at Indo Jax!

Although our popular surf program has been around for 6 years, we have some great new programs.   Like our Minnows Camp, a “learn to surf ” program for little ones and those new to the ocean.  In this program each child has their own instructor so they are always safe and having fun.DSC_0891

All of our surf camps are open so feel free to register via our web-site’s registration page or call us at (910)274-3565 if you have any further questions.  We hope to see you this summer!


Bound By Sea—Coming Soon!

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013
Gabby exhausted in India

Gabby exhausted in India

By now many of you have seen the FB page for Bound By Sea and some of you may have seen the web-site and trailer.  If you haven’t seen them you can check them out by going to  There you can see the extended preview, meet the director and videographer and learn a little about the making of this documentary.  I am still in shock that we were able to, not just surf, but put on charitable surf camps in all 4 Oceans of the world.  I’m more shocked that my 9 year old daughter was able to enjoy this experience with me.  Now that it’s over I reflect on our travels, experiences, and photos.  No doubt this year took a physical toll on all of us, especially Gabby, but she talks about how much fun she had a long the way.  I am looking forward to seeing her in the documentary.  She has been a great addition to the charity we do, and she shined as we worked with disadvantaged children throughout the world.  I can’t wait to see her shining and inspiring in Bound By Sea.

Gabby and I have talked at length about the upcoming year.  Both of us look forward to India in April, but also look forward to a slower pace, spending more time at home and with the family.  We both are anxious to work hard here at home at our surf camps in Wrightsville Beach, Oak Island, Carolina Beach and Topsail Island.  We look forward to the surf lessons right here at the Surf Club at Access #10.  We look forward to the smiling faces of the children learning to surf for the first time.  We look forward to showing those kids in our charity surf camps that not only can they surf, they can do anything!  Traveling is great, Gabby and I really enjoyed that time together on the road, but being at home is great too!

Here’s to an Indo Jax summer right here at home.

Carolina Beach

Thursday, January 24th, 2013

Indo Jax Adopt a BeachIndo Jax is back in Carolina Beach!  Although our main location remains Wrightsville Beach Access #10, we will have more of a presence in Carolina Beach again.  Our plan is to have private surf lessons and small group lessons/surf camps in between Dolphin and Pelican Streets in Carolina Beach.  We get lots of requests for lessons in that neck of the woods and so have decided to set it up to better serve our customers.

We are still working out the details for Surf Lessons and Surf Camps in Oak Island and Onslow Beach and will have that information posted as soon as things are finalized.  Our main location as always will remain Wrightsville Beach Access #10 in WB in conjunction with the Wrightsville Beach Surf Club.  We will continue to hold our stellar surf program of high quality private surf lessons and group surf camps in both Topsail and Wrightsville Beach.  Our “sell out” morning and half day surf camps will be available in both Wrightsville Beach and on Topsail Island.

This morning Indo Jax Surf School and Charities was out at Carolina Beach at our Adopt a Beach location, keeping the beaches clean!

Ruby Tuesday Fundraiser

Tuesday, January 15th, 2013

It’s that time again.  The off season, but prep time for our charity programs.  First order of business is to get India Surf Safari lV all ready.  There are many things to do.  We collect goods and much needed medical supplies, we ship any needed equipment for the surf camp, we coordinate logistics with Paul Wilkes of Homes of Hope, we coordinate with the needed instructors here.

Today is a Fundraiser, the first one of the year, at Ruby Tuesday in Mayfair.  This is a low key fundraiser where folks can come and eat any time throughout the day and we get 20% of the sales.  The great part is we can set up a table and get a chance to spread the word on our charity surf program and the many wonderful surf camps and lesson programs for children with medically fragile, special needs, and at-risk youth.

Indo Jax Surf Charity is a charity surf school that operates outreach surf programs world wide.  Our main focus is right here in Wilmington NC but our reach is way beyond the Cape Fear Region.  We work with many types of special needs children and young adults ranging from orphans in India to Wounded Warriors right here at Camp Lejeune.  We work with children with autism, visual impairments, diabetes, and hearing impairments to name some.  We also have a program for at risk children through the local Boys and Girls Clubs, and through a local church.  We have plans to add a program for cancer survivors and for Burmese refugees in 2013.  Our surf program is unique, in that we can work with all sorts of children that come from all sorts of situations.  Our instructors and methodology is second to none.  Our program is time tested and works to raise the self esteem in the children who participate in it.  Our instructors get  a ton of training for special situations.  Not only does this make us the most effective charity/outreach program, but those same instructors make incredible surf instructors for our surf camps and private surf lessons.  That is why our programs in Wrightsville Beach, Topsail Island, Carolina Beach and  Oak Island ar e the most sought after surf programs you’ll find anywhere.

Our first charity event of the season is in April for orphan girls in India.  These girls have the most horrific stories you could ever imagine.  Our program builds their self esteem and helps them build a positive memory bank. It is one of the most remarkable surf events I have ever heard of.  Today’s Ruby Tuesday Fundraiser will help with this program.  If you can come on out to the Ruby Tuesday’s in Mayfair and enjoy a delicious meal and raise money for a good cause!


Happy Holidays

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

We are gearing up for the holidays here at Indo Jax Surf School and Indo Jax Surf Charites and can’t help reflecting on what a great year we have had.  We would like to thank all of our supporters for such a great year in the surf school and our charity surf program.  In the surf school every week was sold out and in our charity program we served over 1,000 special needs children.  Additionally we had some truly great experiences that will be with us forever.

On the surf school side of things, all of our Wrightsville Beach Surf Camps were sold out.  We are honored that our program is as sought after as it is.  We work hard to make our programs the absolute best we can. We pay close attention to all the details to do this.  Our crew this year was the best we’ve had ever, and with almost all of them returning next year, we are looking very good!  We enjoyed working with your children and teaching them about the ocean and learning to surf.  Our surf camps in Topsail Island and Wrightsville Beach are the areas best.  Our private surf lesson program is one of a kind as well, operating out of Oak Island, Carolina Beach, Wrightsville Beach and Topsail Island.   At Indo Jax Surf School, we realize that your children are your most prized possession and we treat you and them as such.  We really look forward to seeing you all next summer.

On the charity side, we smashed all of our own records.  With over 1000 children served this year alone, we have become a powerful force for the betterment of the children we work with.  Every one of our outreach camps was packed beyond our goals for the year.  We stayed true to our mission and even with the high numbers we turned no one away. Our volunteer crew of instructors is as strong as ever with nearly 20 volunteer instructors.  As with the surf school, we  constantly strive for the highest quality outreach surf camps possible, with complete attention to detail and safety.

None of our surf programs

Indo Jax Surf Team

Indo Jax Surf Team

would be possible without your help and support.  We thank you all for your business and financial support of our charity.  We hope you all have a wonderful holiday season with your family and friends, and a happy new year!  See you all in the water in 2013!

Indo Jax Surf School and surf Charities

Another Fantastic Day of Surf

Tuesday, December 11th, 2012

We are so lucky to be living in the Wilmington Wrightsville Beach area!  My daily routine gets me to the beach every day around 8.  No matter what the conditions I go for a surf or paddle, do my daily surf lesson with Alexandre from 10-11, then head to the office for a couple hours before picking up the kids from school.  It is a magnificent life, and the mornings at Wrightsville  Beach are nothing short of magic!

This morning there were dolphins swimming around and fantastic waves.  Clean, fast, lines.  The rides were short but exciting, fast and occasionally hollow enough to get a little barrel.  The air temperature the last few days has been pleasantly warm, and the tide in the morning has been low enough to make for some fast breaking waves.

I’m in my office now, stoked to have gotten a daily surf in.  My arms are a bit tired, in a good way and my mind is clear from being out in the ocean.  After surfing, I feel productive and focused and can get a lot of work done in a short amount of time.

I’m looking forward to Summer 2013 and the start of our new surf season at Indo Jax Surf School.  I really enjoy seeing our past students coming back for more waves and more instruction from our incredible staff of highly trained and professional surf instructors.  I also enjoy seeing the new faces of those just getting started in the fantastic sport of surfing.  The Wrightsville Beach/Topsail Island Carolina Beach area is perfect for learning to surf.  And we at Indo Jax have everything you need to enjoy  the best resource the Cape Fear Region has to, the Atlantic Ocean.

I hope everyone gets a chance to enjoy this wonderful place we call home!

Indo Jax Surf School Ratios

Tuesday, November 27th, 2012

Indo Jax Surf School is a high quality surf program in many regards.  We use the best soft surfboards on the market, INT, and we have highly trained professional surf instructors, but maybe our most important safety feature is our student to instructor ratio in our surf camps at Wrightsville Beach and Topsail Island.  Generally our camps have a 2-1 ratio, that is only two students per instructor.  The industry standard seems to be three or more, but we maintain a true 2-1.  Additionally we have a director and often times an assistant (nanny) on the beach so that in the event a child gets out of the water, our ratio stays the same.  As you search for a surf school safety should be your first concern, and Indo Jax Surf School leaves no stone unturned when it comes to safety.  Our surf camps, lessons, and clinics are first and foremost safe.  A safe learning environment means we can have a great time while learning to surf.  You can look around but, with our high standards, you will not find a safer, more enjoyable program for your kids than Indo Jax.

Indo Jax is currently in the process of updating our programs and web-site.  We are going to be offering a Minnow Camp this year for young children or children unfamiliar with the ocean environment.  This program will be run like a camp, but have a 1-1 ratio so that children can learn about the ocean, build confidence around the sport of surfing, and have the time of their life.  More details coming soon!

Indo Jax 2010 Surf School Programs

Wednesday, November 25th, 2009

We are finalizing our 2010 Surf School schedule and it will be posted on the surf school page soon.  It will look something like this…

Spring Break Surf Camp–Wrightsville Beach–Indo Jax Surf School

Spring Break is a great time to learn to surf or improve your surfing skill.  The weather and water are starting to warm up, but the crowds are still small.   Get a head start on the summer by joining Indo Jax Surf School for a week of Spring time surfing at Wrightsville Beach.  Our Spring Break Surf Camp is one of a kind!  First of all, we are the only surf school/camp around that provides a group surf camp during Spring Vacation.  We  provide wet suits free of charge for all participants.  Finally, we offer a pre-season discounted price.  This  surf camp is conveniently run in conjunction with local schools Spring Vacation.  This surf camp will run Monday through Friday March 29-April 2, from 10 am -noon.  All students will receive 10 hours of professional surf instruction, The Indo Jax Ocean/Surf Guide, environmental beach tote, Indo Jax Surf School sticker,  and the time of their life!   Cost per person, only $250.

Summer Surf Camps–Wrightsville Beach, Carolina Beach–Indo Jax Surf School

During the months of June July and August, Indo Jax Surf School runs week long surf camps.  Summers on the Cape Fear Coast are unreal!  The weather is beautiful, the water is warm and the waves are perfect for learning to surf.  Most days here in the summer you’ll feel like you’re in the  crystal blue waters of the Caribbean.  Our summer surf camps are absolutely the best surf camps you’ll find anywhere.  Our instructors are highly trained, skilled in the ocean, great teachers and very personable.  Our Wrightsville Beach and Carolina Beach Surf Camps run Monday through Friday from 8-10 am.  All students receive 10 hours of professional instruction, The Indo Jax Ocean and Surf Guide, environmental beach tote and Indo Jax Surf School sticker, and the time of their life!  These surf camps are held at both Wrightsville Beach and Carolina Beach.  All necessary equipment is provided and included in the price.  Cost per person, only $290 per person.

Summer Surf Camps–Oak Island–Indo Jax Surf School

Oak Island is a wonderful town in Brunswick County with beautiful beaches.  Indo Jax Surf School operates 3 day Surf Camps in Oak Island in conjunction with the Oak Island Parks and Recreation Department.  Our Oak Island surf camps run Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 3-5 pm.  Students receive 6 hours of professional instruction, the Indo Jax Ocean/Surf Guide, an environmental beach tote, sticker, and the time of their life.   All necessary equipment is provided and included in the price.  Cost per person, only $155.  or $55 per day.

Fall Weekend Surf Clinics–Wrightsville Beach–Indo Jax Surf School

Summer’s over, but the water is still warm, the weather gorgeous, and the waves are perfect.  This time of year is an incredible time to be a surfer.  The waves can be at their best, without the crowds of the summer. Fall is a great time to take your skills to the next level.   Every weekend during September and October Indo Jax Surf School holds weekend surf clinics.  These 2 day long camps run from 9-11 am on Saturday and Sunday.  All equipment is provided and included in the price including wetsuits when necessary.  Students receive 4 hours of professional instruction, The Indo Jax Surf and Ocean Guide, environmental beach tote , Indo Jax Surf School sticker and the time of their life.  Cost per person, only $120.

Private Surf Lessons–Wrightsville Beach, Carolina Beach, Topsail Island, Figure Eight Island

Indo Jax Surf School also offers private surf lessons year round.  A private surf lesson is a great way to get up and riding in a short amount of time.  In our private surf lessons you will be working 1 on 1 with one of our talented and highly trained surf instructors.  All equipment is provided and included in the price including wetsuits when necessary.  All students receive 2 hours of professional instruction, The Indo Jax Surf and Ocean Guide, environmental beach tote, Indo Jax Surf School, and all the waves they can handle.  Cost per person,  only $80.

*Private Group Lessons include all the things the other lessons include, but are priced on a case by case basis*

So Give Indo Jax Surf School a call or shoot us an e-mail, let us get you up and riding!