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Pennies 4 Pins

After an incredible 2012 season, we are back at it with our 3rd annual Pennies 4 Pins fundraising event.  The event happens on October 21st, noon at Cardinal Lanes Beach Bowl, and is our biggest fundraising event of the season.  It funds the bulk of what Indo Jax Surf Charities does and so we are putting a lot into this event.  We have 7 teams of bowlers and all are out trying to get pledges for how many pins they knock down in 3 games.  Additionally it is a costume party.  It is a great event so please pledge for a bowler and come check out the event!

We have a lot to be proud of at Indo Jax Surf Charities.  Coming off our biggest season ever we have big shoes to fill.  In 2012 we served over 1000 medically fragile, special needs and at risk youth with our charity surf program.  We stayed true to our mission of “Empowering medically fragile, special needs and at-risk youth by exposing them to the ocean environment and teaching them to surf.”  We also served kids in all 4 oceans of the world with a program loosely called the 4 oceans project.  Although the bulk of our efforts were put down right here in Wilmington NC, we planted seeds with other surf schools and surf camps in other parts of the world to make a difference the way we do, with charitable surf camps for needy kids.  It was a success all the way around.  A documentary film is being made of the endeavor, called Bound By Sea.

We also just found out the video, made by Matt Batchelor, of the Norwegian leg of the 4 Oceans Project, will be showing in the Cucalorous Film Festival.  This is a real honor since thousands of people enter  from all over the world and many do not make it.

We just found out we are a finalist in the Verizon Wireless Innovation Awards.  The winner will be announced at the end of October in Raleigh.  What’s cool about this is, we get judged on our merits, not how many votes we can generate.  Stoked on that!

To pledge to one of our bowlers just go to our web-site and click on the bowling icon.  It’s easy, takes about 30 seconds, and cheap.  5 cents a pin ends up being around $20.  Please consider helping us, help needy kids through surfing!

Thanks! Jack

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