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Happy New Year 2015

January 13th, 2015

Happy New Year!

We at Indo Jax Surf School hope you had a great holiday season and are off to a great 2015.  We sure are here.  The holidays are a great time to be with family and friends, reflect on the past year, and gear up for the new one.  We did just that.  As I looked over the past Indo Jax Year of surf lessons, surf clinics, surf camps and charity surf camps I can’t help but to be so grateful for such an outstanding and successful year.  We served more children and adults than ever before.  Our surf camps and outreach surf camps were maxed out, and we had the best staff of surf instructors ever.  2014 was the year of sponsorship too!  So many great sponsors joined in to support our program.  The Helen Keller Foundation, Eco Media, United Health Care, Alert Tile, Ogden Car Wash, First Bank to name but a few.  It was clear to us in 2014 that we have become the Cape Fear Regions absolute best surf school, and that our charity surf school is world class.  Families are literally coming from all over the country to participate in our high quality surf programs.  We are honored to know that we are held in such high regard and that we attract so many people to our area for their vacations.  We know that this helps the local economy as well as brings so much joy to the families we serve.

As we move into the 2015 surf season we are stoked to announce what’s new!  First off We have a new Indo Jax truck. We are in the process of doing some work to the Indo Bus so you may notice some upgrades there.   The new Tundra will help us carry more boards and instructors so that we can serve more children in our surf camps.  We have a new format for our Topsail Beach Surf Camps, they will now run exactly like our Oak Island 1 day and 3 day surf camps.  We have on-line registration for our charity surf program, in fact almost all new 2015 dates for our charity surf camps are posted on the charity surf page.  All of our new surf camp dates for Wrightsville Beach, Oak Island and Topsail Beach are posted on the surf school page, and more folks than ever are already signing up for another great Indo Jax experience.  So check out our website for new updates and news, join our FB page and stay current on the daily happenings.

We hope to see you in the water soon!!!

Indo Jax Surf Bus

Surf Team Nicaragua

November 20th, 2014

The Indo Jax Surf Team just returned from Rancho Santana in Nicaragua.  It was an amazing experience filled with great waves, great lodging and food, and great times for all of our surfers who went.  The Indo Jax Surf Crew surfed twice a day at several local surf breaks.  We rode horses, zip lined, hiked, snorkeled you name it-we did it!  We even got the opportunity to help a little village try to save a beached Blue Whale.IMG_2215  Traveling and surfing go hand in hand and our surfers really made progress while on the trip.  Surfing bigger, Pacific Ocean waves built their confidence.  Working with an unfamiliar coach gave them new perspective.  During surf clinics held at surf breaks in Nicaragua, surfers learned new techniques and became familiar with unfamiliar waves.  Traveling to a third world country gave them compassion.  We had 5 Star accommodations and meals.  The service was incredible.  It was truly a lifetime experience.  We plan to make this an annual event for our surf team and surf camp in the future!IMG_2127

Reunion Surf Day a Huge Success

October 24th, 2014

After an incredible 2014 Summer Surf Season for Indo Jax Surf School and Charities, we decided to hold a Reunion Surf Day on October 4th at our location in Wrightsville Beach NC.  It was a roaring success.  With perfect ocean conditions, warm air and water and over 60 of our outreach surf camp participants, WE RIPPED!  Just about all of our 30+ instructors and another 20 volunteers were on hand, it was a day for the ages.  It was also a day we celebrated a new two year partnership with United Health Care and their Do Good, Live Well Program.


2014 has been our best year by far, no doubt about it.  Our morning and half day surf camps were maxed out all summer, and our charity surf camps grew to numbers we never thought possible.  Our Wrightsville Beach, Topsail Island and Oak Island Programs all expanded.   Our goal is, and always has been, to serve as many children as possible, this year exemplified why Indo Jax Surf School and Indo Jax Surf Charities are the premier “Learn to Surf ” Programs in the Cape Fear Region, maybe worldwide.

So many great moments from 2014…Sponsorship from the Helen Keller Foundation, 5th Annual Homes of Hope Surf Camp for orphan girls in India, 4th annual Surf Camp for the University of Tennessee Swim Team,, Bound By Sea purchased by a distributor and will be on Net Flix by the holidays, our visually impaired surf camp video made it into Cucalorus Film Festival 2014, receiving the Razor Walker Award and E-Town Awards, revitalizing our Wounded Warrior Program so more wounded vets can participate.  It was truly an inspirational and incredible summer.   We received so many new Camp Sponsorships that helped us crank out an unbelievable season, sponsorships from Ogden Car Wash, Northstar Group, Trot Nixon and Family,  Synergy Medical,  Alerttile, George C Foundation, Hope From Helen, Grass Monkey Holdings, First Bank and The Eye Care Center.  Our partnerships with Homes of Hope, Surfers Healing, Mauli Ola, Boys and Girls Club, Boys and Girls Home of Waccammaw, and other non profits grew ever stronger.  The Wrightsville Beach Wahine Surf Contest was another huge success with over 100 girls participating.  We are stoked to head into 2015 and keep all this going!  The biggest news of all though, was the new sponsorship from United Health Care.  The grant we received from them will ensure we can continue to grow, continue to use the best equipment, continue to hire the best staff, and continue empowering medically fragile, special needs and at risk youth through our amazing surf program. Thank you all for your support in 2014!

And it’s not over!  The Indo Jax Surf Team program is posting the biggest numbers we’ve ever seen with over 20 kids joining us every Friday to take their surfing to the next level.  These kids are ripping, even when it’s big, competing in contests, and volunteering for our charity surf camps and clinics.  The Fall Surf Team Program culminates with a trip to Nicaragua.  With a full house of 11 surfers and their families, we will be whooping in up at Rancho Santana to experience some exotic waves in warm water this November.

See you in the water!



Indo Jax Staff Party

September 15th, 2014

jax-party-IMG_8015Last Sunday  we held our Indo Jax Staff Party at the Skate Barn in Hampstead.  We surfed, BBQ’ed and skated all eve, it was awesome!  Indo Jax Surf School and Indo Jax Surf Charities has incredible instructors and every year we seem to get better.  This year we served more children in both our summer surf camps and charity surf camps than ever before.  Our surf instructors go above and beyond all the time, and simply put, are the best you’ll find anywhere.  It’s no doubt why our surf camps, surf clinics and surf lessons are always in high demand.   At all of our locations in the Cape Fear/Wilmington NC Region, Wrightsville Beach, Oak Island and Topsail Beach our instructors continually provide the highest quality surf instruction money can buy!  Here’s to a great 2014!


Summer Surf Camps are Open!

May 12th, 2014

Indo Jax Surf School is open for business!  We are currently taking registrations for all of our surf camps, surf clinics, and private surf lessons.  We still have availability at all of our locations Wrightsville Beach, Topsail Island, Carolina Beach and Oak Island.  Although some weeks are filling, all still currently have available slots.  Indo Jax Surf School has the highest quality surf camps and surf lessons money can buy.  Our instructors are highly trained, professional and certified, we use the highest performing soft boards on the market which means your child will be safe, and we have a 2-1 student to instructor ratio.  Simply put there is no other choice for your “learn to surf” needs than Indo Jax Surf School. So if you’re in Wilmington NC or anywhere in the Cape Fear Region give us a shout!  Feel free to call us at (910)274-3565 or email us at to register.


Red Bull Covers our Camp in India!!

March 31st, 2014

Teaching Surfing to Orphan Girls

© Matt Born
By Spandan Banerjee

First-hand account of Varkala’s surfing project.

Indo-Jax Surf Charities are one of the many organizations and trusts who empower girls in India . And he aimed to do it by surfing! I first found out about Jack Viorel, the Co-Founder of Indo-Jax sometime in the mid-2011, when they did their second trip to Varkala, Kerala to provide a surfing field trip for orphan girls. Last year I made a trip to volunteer with them along with my friends and had probably the single most life changing experience ever (more than what surfing has done for me!)


Stoked© Matt Born

Getting comfortable with waves on a broken board.© Corey Curtis

To be able to witness the emotions and the stoke-ness of someone catching their first wave is just priceless. They make that happen and I was made to be a part of it.

These girls have had troublesome life stories, one girl was found in a trash can, another had her eye gouged out to be a beggar. You’ve heard these stories before and they’re all true. These girls perhaps live together, are taken care of, and now have a safe haven that is theHome of Hopes Orphanage but something still lacks, something very essential and that’s a childhood. Self esteem is a huge problem for these orphan girls, and this surf camp teaches confidence through surfing.


Screams of joy and fear.© Corey Curtis

There is huge difference you see in the girls from when they arrive to when they leave the camp. Many of them have never seen the beach, forget about knowing how to swim. But as the days progress, it becomes almost impossible to get them out of the water. They lose all their inhibitions and fight each other to get a chance on a board. I think, I got more satisfaction out of it than the girls did.

But surfing isn’t the main objective and a lot of these girls may never surf again (But I’m sure they will. They were stoked!) Instead, surfing is used as a tool or a bridge initially to break social boundaries between these foreign men (who at first the girls don’t fully trust) and then to challenge these girls and to build confidence. It also allows these girls to live in the moment, be absolutely carefree and be children again. What they are essentially trying to do is simply create a beautiful memory to look back upon during hard times and to remind them that they battled nature, conquered their fears and had fun doing it. If they could do that, they can achieve anything. Almost like – ‘I’ve walked on water. Hah! This should be a walk in the park’. You know what I mean?


Boogie Nun.© Corey Curtis

The Indo-Jax crew will be returning again this year in April to do what they do and help these girls blossom into strong and beautiful women. “I feel like a fish when I play in the ocean,” Rajeswari says. “My wounds are washed away. It is something beautiful, something wonderful.”

If you want to know more and help out, check:


Washing away their inhibitions.© Matt Born

2014 Razor Walker Award

March 25th, 2014

Indo Jax is proud to announce that owner of Indo Jax Surf School and President of its charity program, Jack Viorel,  will be awarded the 2014 Razor Walker Award this year by the UNCW Watson School of Education. This award goes to people in our community that walk the “Razor’s Edge” when it comes to helping the children of North Carolina.  Jack was a teacher for 20 years, before retiring to run his North Carolina based surf school and charity full time.  His last 5 years of teaching were in NC  at St Mary School in downtown Wilmington.  It was during his years at St Mary that he won the prestigious Lewis Award for Teaching Excellence.  Jack also founded Indo Jax Surf School and Charities in 2007.  Since starting Indo Jax his surf school and charity surf program has grown to what it is today.  An outreach surfing program that serves thousands of children every year with FREE surf camps and surf clinics for medically fragile, special needs and at risk youth. The program is based in wilmington and mostly works with children in the Cape Fear Region but runs surf camps abroad as well.   Over the years these surf camps have served wounded warriors, children with AIDS, Boys and Girls Clubs, orphans in India, children with autism, Burmese refugees, Visually Impaired children, Hearing Impaired Children, children with Juvenile Diabetes, children with cerebral palsy, to name some.  In 2012, a documentary called Bound By Sea was made of Indo Jax’s worldwide program to help children.  It was during that year, that Jack and his then 9 year old daughter, traveled to all 4 oceans (including the Arctic) to serve some of the neediest children in the world with their surf program.  On May 1st, Jack will be presented with this award at UNCW.  To learn more about their program that operates in Wrightsville Beach, Topsail Island, and Oak Island, visit their web-site at

Spring Break Surf Camp!

March 10th, 2014

It has been so great to have a few really nice days of sunny warm weather and fun surf.  Been able to drive the bus around and start gearing up for our Spring Break Surf Camp.  Although I’ve been surfing all winter, even on cold days, this weather makes me think of surfing more than anything!  Our Spring Break Surf Camp takes place at Beach Access #10, our normal Wrightsville Beach location, from 10-noon, April 14-18.  This is usually a very small surf camp with maybe 8-10 participants.  This surf camp is a great way to get a head start on summer and for 10 hours of surf instruction it’s a bargain.  you can register for the camp via our website or call me at 910-274-3565.  Enjoy the sunny weather and we hope to see you at the beach!


Pennies 4 Pins 2014

March 7th, 2014

Two days left and we bowl.  We bowl to raise money for our charity surf program that serves literally thousands of medically fragile, special needs and at-risk youth.  This program empowers and uplifts children and gives them a sense that if…”I can do this, I can do anything!”  Children and families walk away from these camps knowing their future holds fantastic things and that they don’t need to be discouraged by their circumstance, they just need to go for it!  Our charity schedule is impressive to say the least and 2014 is looking to be one of the biggest ones yet, check this out!…

April 4-18 Homes of Hope, India
May 27-29 Boys and Girls Clubs Wilmington
June 23-26 Children From Belarus
July-Helen Keller Foundation Month
July 14-18 Visually Impaired
July 28-31 Hearing Impaired
August 11-14 Boys and Girls Home Waccammaw
August  18 Surfers Healing-Autism register at
August 19-21 Autism surf Camp
August TBA Mauli Ola Foundation-Cystic Fibrosis register at
September 13  Wounded Warrior Day
Summertime Surfing

Dyan O’Campo “ripping” in the Visually Impaired Surf Camp

This has got to be the only place in the world for all these children to get a chance to surf!  We also allow sibling to surf side by side with their brothers and sisters.  They rarely if ever get to participate together  but at Indo Jax Surf Charities they do!  So please, give us a hand, throw a few pennies our way and we’ll do some serious good with it!
Thank you!

Indo Jax Swag

February 26th, 2014

summer is on the way and we have all  summer beach swag you need! Check out all the Indo Jax Surf School and Indo Jax Surf Charities items that are currently available.  We have all sorts of new items for sale that commemorate an awesome time at our surf school and/or surf camp.  Indo Jax is the premier surf school, surf camp and surf lesson provider in the Wilmington/ Cape Fear Region, so our hats shirts, water bottles are hot items. As well we offer some of the most impressive charity surf camps on the planet. Our program which operates in Wrightsville Beach, Topsail Island, and Oak Island NC, has some of the finest surf instructors anywhere, making us the most sought after surf school around.   So if you have participated in one of our surf programs or clinics or are planning to, all you have to do is call us at 910-274-3565 or email me at jack@indojaxsurfschool to order your Indo Jax Swag today!  New shirts and some new premier hats are on order and should be here any day, what little remains from last years shirts are on sale at $10 each.  Here is our item list right now…


Last year’s shirts-$10

water bottles-$10

2014 hats/beanies-$15

Premier hats-$20

stickers, stadium cups, beach bags, pens-$3


We look forward to seeing you in the water!